Your help is needed

All Hands To The PumpMembership offers the opportunity of taking part in the Trust's activities of preservation and operation of the Station and equipment when in steam, and the restoration of further equipment that the Trust may obtain for preservation and display.

All Hands To The Pump!

We also need members to help in the day to day running of the trust.

We are currently seeking people to take on responsibility for:

• Publicity

• Health and Safety

• Sponsorship

There is no obligation on members to attend working and maintenance parties although the existence of the Trust depends on volunteers. However it is the aim of the Executive Board to assemble and encourage an active membership for the long-term preservation of the Station and equipment.

If you are now asking yourself “but what can I do?” If you can pick up a rag and give the brass work a polish you can help. If you can wield a spanner when required you can help. If you can only show the odd visitor around at weekends when we are   open to the public or  in steam you can help.

If your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend won't let you come along, by all means bring them with you as we can always find them something to do as well.

If you would like to become a member then down load a membership form today.

We, The Trust, need your help