In 1912, the continued growth in demand for water in North Staffordshire led the Staffordshire Potteries Waterworks Company, formed over 60 years before, to advance an Act of Parliament giving it power to construct a Pumping Station at Mill Meece, 2 miles south of the Hatton Pumping Station, which had been built between 1890-1907. Two years later on the 25th November 1914 the Ashton Frost engine was started for the first time.

The old pumping station together with the steam driven plant, which last pumped water into the supply on December 22nd 1979, is now leased to the Mill Meece Pumping StationAshton Frost Steam Engine Preservation Trust, who officially took over the station under the auspices of the Severn Trent Water Authority on May 31st 1981.

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Engines Return To Steam!

On Saturday 19th July both steam engines returned to steam for the first time in 9 years. Read more on our News page and see our What's On page for our Grand Opening Weekend date and the remaining of our 2021 steaming dates.