Hatton Water Works

Hatton Pumping Station
Hatton Pumping Station

The increasing demand on the Staffordshire Potteries Water Company’s resources due to, amongst other things, the more general introduction of water closets urged the Company to seek new sources of water. Following a survey of the area the most favourable site for a new source of supply was in the Valley of the Meece Brook on the Swynnerton Estate belonging to Mr. Basil T. Fitzherbert, of Swynerton Hall.

Horizontal Compound Tandem Steam Pumping Engine 1907-1938
Horizontal Compound Tandem
Steam Pumping Engine 1907-1938
Following the sinking of two bore holes, which yielded over 1,500,000 gallons a day of excellent quality water, the Staffordshire Water Works Company went to Parliament in 1888 to obtain powers to acquire the land and construct the works at Hatton, to lay mains to Hanchurch and construct a reservoir there.

Hatton Water Works was built in stages over a period of almost 20 years. During this period six wells were constructed and five boreholes were also sunk. In addition extensive cruts were driven between the wells and boreholes.
The first stage of the works was completed in 1892 and consisted of the erection of two compound rotary beam steam pumping engines. The next stage, the erection of a horizontal cross compound rotary steam engine was completed in 1898. The works were finally completed in 1907 with the erection of a horizontal compound tandem rotary steam pumping engine. In its heyday it must have been a sight to behold with all these steam engines running.

Diesel Engine Driven Generator 1938
Diesel Engine Driven Generator 1938

Unfortunately during the reconstruction of the Station between 1937 and 1959 the steam engines and boilers were removed and replaced by a series of direct current and alternating current motor driven well pumps. Power for the direct current pumps was obtained from three diesel engine driven generators, two Bellis & Morcombe and one Harland & Wolf, which were housed within the old boiler house.

Electric Motor Used To Drive Spindle Pump
Electric Motor Used
To Drive Spindle Pump

So now begins the next stage of Hatton’s history, the property has been bought for redevelopment into luxury apartments.

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