Ecomoniser Steam Engine
Green's Economiser Steam Engine

Beside the left hand engine is the door to the rear of the boiler house, where the Green's economiser is situated.

The economiser consists of 144 tubes suspended in a section of the flue, and a steam driven cleaning mechanisum. As the tubes are suspended in the flue soot would collect on the tubes which would reduce the thermal efficiency of the economiser if allowed to build up. To prevent this sets of scrapers are fitted around the tubes and are moved up and down via geared wheels and a self reversing mechanisum which is driven by the steam engine. 

Economiser Scrapers
Economiser Scrapers

Water from the feed pumps passes through the tubes and is re-heated by the hot flue gases before it enters the boiler. Using the economiser to re-heat the feed water would save approximately 5 tons of coal a week.

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