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Severn Trent Water Authority

On 1st April 1974, The Staffordshire Potteries Water Board became the North Staffordshire Water Supply Division of the Severn Trent Water Authority, Upper Trent Division, who operated the steam engines until 1980.

First Open Day
The Mill Meece Pumping Station Preservation
Trust First Open Day

Sir William Dugdale, Chairman of Severn Trent Water Authority
Mr. David Baddeley, Chairman Preservation Trust
Mr. William Buckley, Station Superintendent

In 1978 the Authority held a widely publicised Open Day at Mill Meece to gauge public enthusiasm, with a view to preserving the engines. Over 4000 people attended, the Authority requested that individuals sign a list of interested parties in the preservation of the station, 240 persons signed the list. The Authority subsequently called a meeting of these people at Alleynes School Stone on 10th October 1978 which 200 people attended. The Authorities representatives were: Mr. J. B. Hughes, Chairman of the Authorities Water Amenity, Recreation and Fisheries Committee. Mr. R. Hattersley, Divisional Manager. Mr. A.S. James, Divisional Engineer. The Authorities representatives stated that the Authority were eager to see the station and steam plant preserved, and that the Authority would lease the station and steam plant to a formally constituted trust. The meeting proposed that a steering committee be formed to further discuss the formation of such a body.

The Steering Committee first met on 14th November 1978. Over the next eleven months the members met on a monthly basis, discussing and finalising lease and trust details, It was obvious from the outset that finance was needed to formally register a trust. To this aim, it was proposed to form The Mill Meece Pumping Station Preservation Society to raise funds. A meeting to which the original 240 interested parties were invited was called on 12th September 1979 at Alleynes School, Stone. This meeting, attended by 149 persons inaugurated the Society and 31 persons enrolled as members. On 23rd September 1979, the Authority and the Society jointly held an Open Day at which a further 29 members were enrolled and over 300 in donations were received.

The Society Committee continued to meet monthly to finalise the lease and draft the Memorandum of Association for the trust. Despite the fact that the Society could not get actively involved on the site as it was still a working station, membership grew to a total of 92. "The Mill Meece Pumping Station Preservation Trust Company Limited" was formally registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 20th November 1980. It was formed in this manner for the protection of the membership. By being Limited by Guarantee the individual member's maximum liability is for the sum of 1.00.

First Logo
First Logo of the Mill Meece
Pumping Station
Preservation Trus

On the 14th February 1981 the inaugural meeting of "The Mill Meece Pumping Station Preservation Trust Company Limited" was held at Alleynes School Stone, this date also being the final meeting of the Society which was wound up, all funds and members being transferred to "The Trust".

The formal handing over of the Station took place on 30th May 1981 Sir William Dugdale, Chairman of Severn Trent Water Authority, officiating and opening the first Open Day of The Mill Meece Pumping Station Preservation Trust.

Why preserve this station?

It is probably the last example of a 20th Century steam water pumping station intact. Although belonging to the end of the steam era the engines are just as important to preserve as early beam engines. Beam engines abound, the Mill Meece horizontal tandem compound steam engines are the only ones of their type still capable of being steamed. Along with all the ancillary equipment of boilers, economiser, Weir pumps, steam winch and weigh bridge the station forms a complete example of an Edwardian water supply pumping station.

We hope you enjoyed your surf of this web site and hope you visit us at the station. We urge you to tell your friends and acquaintances of our existence. Most of all if you, or someone you know, can assist and would wish to help then please fill in a membership form and come along.